Children's Books featuring Creature and Blaze



Welcome to the Magical Creature Kayak. Creature and Blaze invite you to share with them and the child or children in your life the greatest gift of all – Your Time. The stories are short, perfect for settling in for bedtime. Go ahead give your child a few short minutes then stretch the minutes just a little…

Our books are design to be shared with someone special, a caregiver, a sibling or even a friend.

Creature and Blaze travel though each adventure but the true gift of each story is the discoveries that you make together. Even at birth children will benefit from sharing the stories. The youngest infants will find comfort in the sound of a caregiver’s voice and begin to realize the fun… As your child grows the adventures will introduce different worlds to be explored. The first explorations will be in the pages of the book, searching for everything the story has to tell. Later they may find something interesting to pursue in other places. Go with them to the library or explore the internet with them. You may find something exciting too!

Magical Creature Kayak books are the perfect book for families to share. Younger and older children along with their parents will take their interests through different stages.

Creature and Blaze